OpenCosmos Platform: Scale-up your success in Horizon Europe and other European funding opportunities


Join OpenCosmos  Platform NOW for changing the game on Horizon Europe

Horizon Europe R&I funding programme is huge, highly competitive and any organisation requires just the following assets for becoming successful in it. 

  • Asset 1: Top-notch trainings with step-by-step recipes and guidance on each of the different Horizon Europe sub-programmes (e.g. ERC, Horizon Europe collaborative projects, Intelligence behind Horizon Europe, Project Management, Innovation Management, etc) developing great Excellent, Impact and Implementation sections, Widening, Financial Management and EC auditing, Erasmus+, etc

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  • Asset 2: Monthly personalised live support on any of your challenges in both the pre-award and post-award phases in planning and implementing R&I projects

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  • Asset 3: External evaluation of the latest draft of your R&I grant application

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  • Asset 4: Intelligent Partnering Support for identifying key contacts to connect with as potential partner or as potential coordinator

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  • Asset 5: Link with successful and pre-validated experts and grant application writers and consultants for leveraging your proposal and project development


As soon as your organisation becomes a member of OpenCosmos then ALL your personnel will have unlimited access to all the above unique and outstanding services/assets.

OpenCosmos escalates the reach of your Research Support/European Funding Office. 

We have different levels of membership according to the type of your organisation. As soon as an organisation purchases an annual subscription to OpenCosmos, ALL THE MEMBERS (to be verified from the domain in their email address) of that organisation will have full access to the OpenCosmos assets.

OpenCosmos Membership Fees

OpenCosmos Current Members

The following organisations are already members of OpenCosmos platform. In order to ensure high quality of OpenCosmos services, currently with the given resources, we can support up to 10 Universities/Research Institutes. Therefore, in case you are interested in joining OpenCosmos platform, you are strongly advised to act fast in order to safeguard your membership . 

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