What are the Open Cosmos benefits

OpenCosmos platform is based on 24+ years experience in developing winning grant applications in European research and innovation programmes as well as 18+ years from evaluating proposals as EC expert. Out of this unique experience, it is evident that anyone that wishes to succeed in European Research and Innovation projects needs just three things:

  • a) eye-opening and personalised training and coaching in each of the different elements and complexities that exist in European Research and Innovation programmes such as Horizon Europe
  • b) having their idea, proposal summary and consortium but most importantly their final draft externally evaluated by an external evaluator some days before its submission to EC
  • c) identifying and connecting with key players in European Research and Innovation programmes

In this respect, we have created OpenCosmos platform as follows:

Anyone with an email address based on the domain name of their organisation (@myorganisationdomainname) enjoys now top support for success in Horizon Europe. Namely:

Who can enjoy them

Anyone with an email address based on the domain name of their organisation that is already a member of OpenCosmos, can register for free here and shortly after checking the validity of their email address, we will provide them full access to all three assets

For how long

All assets will be available to  all individuals from a member organisation for all the duration that the organisation is a member of OpenCosmos platform. The minimum membership duration is one year.  

What is the fee

The fee for accessing any of the OpenCosmos services is free (zero Euro) for all the individuals that their organisation has purchased the OpenCosmos membership. If you are not sure whether your organisation is a member of OpenCosmos, please send us an email at info@keyinnovations.co.uk

How to get access

As an individual from a member organisation to OpenCosmos, you can purchase OpenCosmos for free by registering your details below. We will check your details and especially that your email address is based on a domain name of a member organisation in OpenCosmos and shortly after, we will grant you access to all the three assets.

For granting you full access, we will  need from a few minutes up to a maximum one working day after your registration.

Register now for free to access OpenCosmos services

Short introduction on how to use each of the three  OpenCosmos Services/assets