What We Are Looking For

Key Innovations Ltd and Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd are both growth-building companies based in UK and Cyprus respectively with extensive European client portfolios and one of the strongest track records in supporting via training, matchmaking and coaching, organisations and individuals to exploit successfully their research and innovation potential. We are the founders of A)Funding Expert Academy (FEA), an academy with the most comprehensive selection of trainings on transferable/soft skills but also specialised ones in planning and management of European R&I Projects and B) founders of OpenCosmos platform (OC) which is a membership platform for supporting its members to exploit the European Research and Innovation Funding Programme (Horizon Europe).

1. OpenCosmos Accelerator business development Manager OCAM


The OCAM's role is to support SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs and innovators to exploit and commercialise their innovations via OpenCosmos Accelerator services  . The following tasks are foreseen

  • OCAM Task 1: Collecting and updating useful resources in the library of OC Accelerator 
  • OCAM Task 2: Develop and apply strategies for maintaining the number of current OC Accelerator members and increasing the no. of users per member
  • OCAM Task 3: Develop and apply strategies for increasing the number of NEW OC Accelerator members
  • OCAM Task 4: Partner with various Proposal Initiators to offer OpenCosmos Accelerator as a service in related funded proposals
  • OCAM Task 5: Initiate Proposals for funding for growing OpenCosmos Accelerator
  • OCAM Task 6: Partner with potential partners with a network of promising members as startups to add value to their network (especially via OC Accelerator or even join as members)
  • Any other tasks for expanding the OC Accelerator Services


  • Proven experience as a consultant, mentor or coach on startups and innovative companies
  • Extensive network of ambitious startups and innovative companies across Europe and beyond
  • Ability to work part-time (up to 10 hours per week) and remotely
  • Ability to issue an invoice as a contractor

We offer

  • Flexible working place and timetable
  • Core salary plus bonuses on mutually agreed KPIs
  • Opportunity for personal growth via the growth of our Accelerator
  • Opportunity to add value
  • Support to achieve the mutually agreed KPIs

For more info please send by email to info@keyinnovations.co.uk some text or a cover letter with suggested actions and barriers for fulfilling each of the tasks above, along with your Linkedin profile or your CV. Emails with just CVs and no cover letter will not be considered.