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Most of the organisations (either big or small, experienced or newcomers) have never enough resources for playing with success the game of Horizon Europe . 

Our platform OpenCosmos (ex-name Valuefy 2.0) is the ultimate tool for success of your organisation in Horizon Europe. It gives the resources, knowledge and support to the whole community/team of your organisation for exploiting successfully the funding from Horizon Europe and not only. 









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Top Research & Innovation Funding Support anytime for your whole organisation

Imagine that you have for all your organisation members

  1. externally evaluated any of their grant applications before submission 
  2. unlimited access to our eCourses based on live recordings (Currently  20 eye-opening eCourses, check here the full list of the available eCourses)
  3. unlimited access to all our live courses taking place live in real-time via zoom or physically. Check more info on the planned live courses here
  4. Live coaching sessions with answers on  their questions for clarifying any point for mastering the game in European Research 
  5. Matchmaking based on AI in finding key individuals to partner and extend their network from OpenCosmos Community
  6. Personalised and top consultancy support in developing the full proposal, in case the consortium comprises minimum 3 OpenCosmos member organisations
  7. Monthly updates with all the open European funding opportunities (more than 400 funding opportunities every month)
  8. Sharing views, concerns, tips, best practices and collaboration opportunities with other TOP researchers from other Open Cosmos member organisations
  9. Accelerator support for helping SMEs, start-ups and innovative companies in their fundraising so that to accelerate the commercialisation, growth and scale-up due to their innovative solutions
  10. Inclusion in EU Grant Proposals. We have created the OpenCosmos Grants Proposal Club and our experts write grant proposals and include OC members in their consortia

and all these without your continuous intervention. As soon as your organisation becomes a member of OpenCosmos, you just encourage them to register by themselves to the platform  for enjoying the above services.  There is no limitation on the number of individuals that can join from your organisation. 

We will inform you regularly on the usage of the services by your organisation members.


  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “The trainings are superb and the feedback for improving our Horizon Europe application was very helpful!”

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “I love the monthly live Q&A sessions. Very helpful advice and tips”

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “The immediate access at any time to the wide list of eCourses based on live recordings was so important for my busy schedule. I learn so many new things at my own pace.”

  • Funding Expert Academy (Tool of Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd)

    “What is really amazing with OpenCosmos is that made me believe in myself and become successful in highly competitive research programmes such as Horizon Europe. I was so afraid to explore Horizon Europe before OpenCosmos support.”

OpenCosmos Current Members

The following organisations are already members of OpenCosmos platform. In order to ensure high quality of OpenCosmos services, currently with the given resources, we can support up to 10 Universities/Research Institutes. Therefore, in case you are interested in joining OpenCosmos platform, you are strongly advised to act fast in order to safeguard your membership . 



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Politecnico di Milano – RECIPE H2020 Project
Kaunas University of Technology – EngageStudents
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logo of Vita-Salute San Raffaele University  CEESCA - King ICT Oliver Smolcic 




Annual Memberships per type

University/Research Institute

Unlimited access to all Opencosmos services for all your community 

Industry, Technoparks or Incubators

Unlimited access to all OpenCosmos services for all your employees or your supported startups

SME/Small Company

Unlimited access to all OpenCosmos services for all your employees


Unlimited access to all OpenCosmos services for all your employees


Unlimited access to all OpenCosmos services for yourself as individual