OpenCosmos Accelerator

Top-Notch support for up to 100 innovative SMEs and Start-ups towards commercialisation and strategic growth of their innovations

Eligible beneficiaries are the EIC Pathfinder, EIC Transition, EIC Accelerator, Seal of Excellence and Women Tech EU that can apply here to receive funding for the use of our OpenCosmos Virtual Accelerator.

If you are eligible as specified above, as soon as you login here then you can select and apply for funding support to receive our service from the EIC Partners Service Catalogue.

OpenCosmos Virtual Accelerator Programme

We are  starting the first ever virtual accelerator programme that advances growth for start-ups and spin-offs in addition also via fund-raising from European Funds. We know from first experience that there is nothing else that can accelerate the success of an innovative SME/startup or spin-off in Horizon Europe and in the fundraising game. OpenCosmos founder, Dr. Nikolaos Floratos is a business angel and a member of the European Business Angel Network as well as EIC Accelerator evaluator on behalf of the European Commission with over 25 years of experience in European Research and Innovation funding. OpenCosmos combines in one place top services for highly innovative organisations such as
  1. external evaluation of your EIC Accelerator proposal or your proposal under European Innovation Ecosystem project as third party before submission,
  2. Introducing your company to the most successful EIC accelerator proposal writers that are paid on a success fee and not necessarily also with an upfront fee,
  3. Introducing your company to potential early stage investors
  4. consultancy on proposal development other than EIC accelerator,
  5. matchmaking/partnering based on AI calibrated to the next two years R&I funding calls,
  6. access to a wide list of top-notch trainings currently more than 25 different courses (live and recorded ones) including our most popular one on Intelligent Grants Networking for mastering the game on how to identify and join collaborative research & Innovation grant, applications and collaborate with the top-names in your industry,
  7. monthly live coaching sessions (including Q&A),
  8. awareness about all funding opportunities in Europe every month and
  9. access to our just launched virtual accelerator that includes specialised trainings on fundraising, essential resources and knowledge repository in fundraising and our growing matchmaking platform with clients, investors and partners.
With a very low annual membership fee (just 3000 EUR time limited offer of 50% Discount), your organisation will have unlimited access to all the above services. There is a recorded demo also for some more details but we would like to offer also our availability of presenting OpenCosmos to your management and discussing directly how OpenCosmos can advance a lot your expected achievements in European Research and Innovation Grants as well as in fund-raising.  

We can always discuss how OpenCosmos annual membership can be covered also as an eligible expense from European or National Funding programmes

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Accelerator Courses   

We deliver a wide range of courses suitable for SMEs, start-ups and innovators to exploit and commercialise their innovations.

Current Courses

You can access now any of the following courses based on live recordings or click on the link to register for free as OC member

  • EIC Accelerator for advancing the maturity of your breakthrough solution and penetrate global markets
  • European Innnovation Ecosystem as third party/ SME or start-up applicant
  • EIC Pathfinder: (Suitable for SMEs, start-ups of universities, industry and research centers) that aim to support early stage development of future technologies
  • EIC Transition: Although, this call is applicable only to previous EIC pathfinder, FET and ERC Proof of Concept grantees, it contains useful information on how to apply successfully to further mature and validate your technologies in the lab and in relevant application environments to develop market/business readiness, possibly including iterative learning processes based on early customer or user feedback.
  • Pitching your innovation: Although this course has been initially designed for researchers to present their project in front of an ERC panel it is fully applicable for anyone that wishes to pitch convincingly their innovation (to potential partners, investors, clients, etc)

Upcoming Courses

  • Details to follow soon
Recorded Courses List 2

Accelerator tools and resources 

We are developing or collecting well-established and powerful resources for innovators, SMEs and Start-ups exploit and advance their innovations towards commercialisation and strategic growth. 

This repository is continually updated. So far we have developed guides and tools to seed fundraising, lists of business angels pre-seed funders investors with their portfolio, email templates in reaching new investors, how not to pitch to VCs, 500+ pitch deck examples, financial projection templates, leveraged buyouts, FDA approval tips in the health sector, tips during merging and acquisition, SaaS investment basics, due diligence checklists, Pre-seed, seed and Series A milestones, etc.

Gartner Hype Cycle

Matchmaking with key actors 

One of the most important factors for successful exploitation, commercialisation of your innovation and growth of your start up or SME is to connect with key actors such as potential partners, investors and clients. For this we have launched a matchmaking platform based on AI to facilitate your networking activities as well as specific contacts from Business Angles affiliated with EBAN and HeBAN. Access it to register,  identify and connect with such potential actors. 

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OC Virtual Accelerator Coaching (One-to-One)

As member of our Virtual Accelerator, you can be assigned to a coach and have one-to-one virtual monthly meetings with them in order to address the following:

  • Needs Assessment: Identification of needs and the state of Innovation.
  • Transition Roadmap: Identification of barriers, pains and needs for advancing technological maturity and penetrating markets, expected impact
  • Product Development Support: Guidance and support in product development and improvement
  • Pitch Coaching: How to effectively pitch your business to investors