Unique OpenCosmos Features

Inclusion in EU Grant Proposals

Inclusion in EU Grant Proposals

Our experts develop proposals for competitive EU funding calls such as Horizon Europe, Erasmus+, Digital Europe, etc and involve specifically OC members.  This is an excellent support service for newcomers in the European Funding era that wish to get involved as partners and learn from professionals the full proposal development of a successful proposal. Please check here an indicative list of calls that we will or have initiated proposals for OC members. 


Training Services

live courses 2

Live Courses

New live courses are planned at specific dates  and anyone from your organisation as OpenCosmos member can register and participate for free. Check the latest list here

Most comprehensive choice of recorded Courses

Continually updated list of pre-award and post-award courses including training on soft skills. Check the latest list of recorded courses here.

recorded courses

Certifications of successful completion

 Participants that attend our live events or the recorded ones (in that case upon some requirements) they will be receiving a certificate of successful completion from the training organisation Key Innovations Ltd/Funding Expert Academy. 

Certificate template with FEA

Networking Services

Matchmaking platform

An intelligent matchmaking platform  based on AI

Since already OpenCosmos is used by hundreds of individuals, there is already a good critical mass for introducing match-making among the OpenCosmos community. Furthermore, in order to motivate the OpenCosmos members to use the AI matchmaking platform within OpenCosmos, we will be providing free consultancy support in any proposal/consortium that has involved minimum 3 organisations from OpenCosmos as partners.

Consultancy and Advising Services

External Evaluation of your R&I grant application before its submission

Any individual from an OpenCosmos member organisation that initiates a European Research & Innovation proposal as coordinator can have the final draft of their proposal submitted for external evaluation 10 days before the submission deadline.



Consultancy on the full proposal development cycle

Any proposal that a member of OpenCosmos is involved even as a partner (not necessarily as a coordinator) can enjoy the following services for free as long as they involve OpenCosmos founder company (Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd) as capacity building, dissemination and exploitation partner (via our OpenCosmos platform):

  1.  Evaluate the idea;
  2. Provide you with insights regarding the call;
  3. Advise you on the proposal summary and on the Consortium synthesis;
  4. Evaluate the proposal.

Alternatively, in case any consortium has included min 3 OpenCosmos members or two and OpenCosmos founder company (Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd) in their proposal team, an OpenCosmos expert will support the development of the whole grant application (consultancy on the idea, call intelligence, proposal concept, consortium quality, proposal writing). There is no need for the coordinator to be member of OpenCosmos. You just arrange a live meeting below with us to confirm the current consortium synthesis and discuss the project status and next steps of support with us. 


Monthly live Q&A sessions with an expert

Every month, we organise at fixed date and time, a live Q&A session via zoom that any individual from OpenCosmos can ask anything in real time or in advance (in case they cannot join live) and their questions will be answered by an expert during the live session. All sessions are recorded for future reference. 

Monthly updates with all the open European funding opportunities

Every month, we publish all the European funding opportunities that are open for calls of proposals. More than 400 calls every month and OpenCosmos individuals have centrallised information in one place of all the available calls. 

Open EU calls
OpenCosmos Forum2

Share views with Top researchers and experts

Through the discussion forum in OpenCosmos anyone can share views, concerns, tips, best practices and collaboration opportunities with other TOP researchers and experts from the Open Cosmos community. 

SMEs & start-ups Accelerator

OpenCosmos offers support for helping SMEs, start-ups, spin-offs and innovative companies in their fundraising so that to accelerate the commercialisation, growth and scale-up due to their innovative solutions. The support comprises specialised courses, accelerator tools and resources as well as matchmaking services with key actors such as potential partners, investors and clients.

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