OpenCosmos Intelligent Partnering Platform


Why OpenCosmos Intelligent Partnering Platform is by far the best option to build/join competent consortia

Right partnering in highly competitive and challenging European Research and Innovation (R&I) Programmes such as Horizon Europe, is a cornerstone for successful funded proposals and projects. Up to now, there were very few and expensive options to find either the right partners for your proposal idea or to find proper channels to highlight your expertise and join as partner highly ambitious proposals initiated by others.

  • Undervalue or overvalue of Infoday events. For example, infodays organised by EC for networking and informing about their call topics for funding are very quickly fully booked, they are expensive to participate (free to attend but usually with significant travelling costs in case they don't take place virtually, they are overwhelmed by organisations that desperately wish to get involved in other R&I proposals without any specific value to contribute, and usually there is a very limited window for asking specific questions either related to the call topic or to your proposal idea or even highlighting the value of your proposal idea or  your key competencies and resources for engaging further interest.
  • Low value of partner search facilities: Furthermore, partner search facilities as well as related social media channels (such as linkedin groups for finding partners in specific topics)  are not normally quality assessed and anyone can use them to promote their skills/expertise and competencies or their proposal ideas and in most of the cases it is difficult to find some value there with so much "noise".

Consequently, finding the right partners is a big challenge even for organisations with an extensive network, since network is like muscles. You need to work on them consistently in order to maintain their size and become stronger and in most of the cases this requires a lot of resources and time.

Therefore, OpenCosmos Intelligent Partnering service is by far the best option for engaging with top organisations that contribute with high value.

How OpenCosmos intelligent partnering platform is so effective for building/joining competent consortia in Horizon Europe

  • Personalised support: OpenCosmos offers personalised intelligent support facility for building or joining highly competitive consortia that initiate Horizon Europe proposals. Any individual from a member in OpenCosmos platform is able to complete a specially designed online form for a) profiling themself, their group and their organisation as well as b) their needs and c) indicating the organisations they wish to partner based on past research and innovation projects. 
  • Expert support and suggestions based on the submitted form: An expert will check the submitted form and needs and SUGGEST specific individuals along with their contact details that could be contacted for building or joining a competent consortium in Horizon Europe. Along with the contact details, they will receive also guidance and tips on how to approach them and convince them to collaborate. 
  • Important Note: In the near future, we plan to partner with top matchmaking platform(s) in European Research so that to be able to scale-up our personalised and intelligent partnering platform and transcend it to another level, where direct communication and partnering will become possible and almost semi-automatic for speeding up the whole process. 

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