The high value of an External Evaluation by an EC expert

Unbiased, objective feedback on the quality of your grant application

identify the weak points of your proposal or even any shortcomings. All proposals have some!

Understand what you need to do in order to increase the quality of your proposal

Master the techniques and practices for winning the first impression from the EC evaluators

Transcend the overall quality of your proposal with detailed feedback paragraph per paragraph

Mastermind Support: Get advice and guidance also  at earlier stages by an expert at your proposal idea, consortium needs & synthesis on proposal summary

Based on our research, 98% of the successful European Research & Innovations proposals (i.e. the ones funded) have been evaluated by an external evaluator (i.e. an EC expert that evaluates proposals from both sides). Don't leave that to chance and exploit our outstanding external evaluation service. 

The proposal will be evaluated by Nikolaos Floratos, an EC expert since 2003 (18+ consecutive years experience on evaluations and reviews on behalf of the European Commission) and 24+ years in developing successful proposals or by another expert in our team specialised fully in your domain and type of grant application. 

Furthermore, there is the possibility for mastermind guidance during the monthly live follow-up Q&A sessions, namely, we can provide you advice on the quality of your idea and your proposal summary as well as on whom you should get on board in your consortium for increasing the success possibilities of your grant application in Horizon Europe.

Any individual from an OpenCosmos member organisation that initiates a European Research & Innovation proposal as coordinator can have the final draft of their proposal evaluated 10 days before the submission deadline. As member of the OpenCosmos platform, you will be able to upload the latest version of your grant application in word format so that we can insert comments within your application. 

In order to ensure the maximum quality is provided and overuse of this service, you can have your proposal  final draft only once externally evaluated per project. 

Any external evaluation is treated as strictly confidential: Any material shared with us, remains always strictly confidential and it will be deleted after our evaluation. 

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