Matchmaking Platform for Non OC members

Our re-engineered OpenCosmos Matchmaking Platform that is based on Brella is just launched out! It stands out as the premier option for building and joining competent consortia within the highly competitive landscape of European Research and Innovation (R&I) Programmes, such as Horizon Europe.  It is open to both OC and non OC members and uses AI as well as special keywords for matching you with high calibre R&I actors. Non-Open Cosmos members can register for free only by invitation in order to maintain fruitful collaboration. 

Any R&I proposal consortium that includes min 3 OpenCosmos members as partners, or at least OpenCosmos platform as  a partner for research capacity building, D&E to OC members or as growth accelerator for innovative companies, then it will receive for free full consultancy support in developing a successful proposal in Horizon Europe or in any other R&I Funding programme.

The registration is quite a straight forward process and it will take you just few minutes. Just ensure you provide useful information about your profile. You can click the link below to register or before check the registration guidelines that are included also on this page here.

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The value behind the OC Matchmaking platform

Here's why it's considered the best choice:

  1. Targeted Partnering: Unlike traditional methods like Infoday events or generic partner search facilities, our OpenCosmos Matchmaking Platform leverages advanced AI matching intelligence to connect organizations with the most suitable partners for their proposal ideas. This ensures that participants are matched with partners who can provide high-value contributions, enhancing the overall quality of consortiums.
  2. Quality Assurance: Traditional partner search facilities often lack quality assessment mechanisms, leading to a flood of irrelevant or low-value proposals and ideas. The OC Matchmaking Platform, however, ensures that only top organizations with valuable contributions are engaged, minimizing noise and maximizing the potential for successful collaborations.
  3. Resource Efficiency: Building and maintaining a strong network can be resource-intensive and time-consuming. By leveraging the OC Matchmaking Platform, organizations can bypass these challenges and efficiently connect with top-tier partners without expending excessive resources.
  4. Expanded Categories and Industries: Our Matchmaking Platform now offers a broader range of categories and industries, catering to the diverse needs and interests of its users. Whether you're in tech, healthcare, finance, or any other sector, OC Matchmaking Platform provides tailored networking opportunities to help you find the right partners and opportunities.
  5. Richer Industries: The platform boasts richer industry profiles, providing deeper insights and information about each sector. From trends and market analysis to case studies and success stories, users can gain a comprehensive understanding of their industry landscape, facilitating more informed networking and collaboration decisions.
  6. Mobile App: With the introduction of a mobile app, our Matchmaking Platform makes networking more accessible and convenient than ever before. Users can seamlessly connect with potential partners and prospects on the go, maximizing opportunities for engagement and collaboration anytime, anywhere.
  7. OpenCosmos Matchmaking Platform open also to additional Key actors in European Research: We will invite Key players with high success record in European research to join our Matchmaking Platform for facilitating further and more fruitful collaborations. Registration will be made possible only by invite for ensuring high quality collaborations. However, OpenCosmos consultancy support will be applicable for free only if created consortium has minimum 3 OC members or just Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd via its OpenCosmos Platform as D&E platform, research capacity building platform for researchers or as a growth accelerator for innovative companies .

Our re-engineered Matchmaking Platform represents a significant step forward in the world of partnership building and networking. With its expanded categories, industries, mobile app, and enhanced features, the OC Matchmaking Platform is poised to empower users to forge valuable connections, drive collaboration, and unlock new opportunities for growth and innovation!

Why OpenCosmos Matchmaking is by far the best option to build/join competent consortia

Finding the right partners is crucial for success in competitive European Research and Innovation (R&I) Programmes like Horizon Europe. However, traditional methods have been limited and costly. Infoday events, meant for networking and learning about funding opportunities, can be oversubscribed, expensive, and offer limited time for meaningful interaction. Partner search platforms and social media groups also suffer from low quality control, making it hard to find valuable connections amidst the noise.

Even organizations with extensive networks face challenges in finding suitable partners, as networking requires consistent effort and resources.

OpenCosmos Matchmaking service offers a solution. It uses AI matching intelligence to connect organizations efficiently. If a consortium includes at least three partners from OpenCosmos Members or two partners and the OpenCosmos founder company (Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd), expert support is provided for developing Horizon Europe proposals. This includes consultation on idea development, understanding calls, proposal concept, consortium quality, and guidance on writing and evaluation.

Additionally, any proposal involving an OpenCosmos member, even if they are not the coordinator, can benefit from free services when they include the OpenCosmos founder company (Key Innovations Cyprus Ltd) as a partner or at least three OC members. These services include idea evaluation, insights on calls, advice on proposal summaries and consortium synthesis, writing guidance and proposal evaluation.

Register now for matchmaking

Step by step guidance on registering to the Matchmaking platform

In order to join in OpenCosmos Matchmaking platform as a member, you need to do the following: 

Step 1. Click on this link and select preferably “Continue with Email”, give your email address, create a password and click “Sign in”.

Step 2. Now you add your details (First Name, Last Name, Password, Job Title and Company) and do not forget to add a photo for your profile as well as a cover photo and click Finish. The photos are very important for making your profile more attractive.

Step 3. Confirm that you have read and accept the terms of use and click continue.


Step 4. You should be directed now to the welcome message as below and click “Get started”

Step 5. Start building your profile by adding an introduction and choosing the best information about yourself

Bellow, you can optionally add the countries/regions you operate (e.g. you can select Europe) and choose your persona and personal information. We advise you to choose these details because they can be used to represent a member of the OpenCosmos Matchmaking Platform for easier communication and networking purposes. At the end of the form, you click “Continue”.

Step 6. As a last step, spend some time to select any of your respective interests. The keywords to be selected are aligned with the current or future Horizon Europe workprogramme and calls for funding. We have more than 400 different keywords and you should only select the ones that you are mainly active or interested in. There are 6 categories (a) health, b) Culture, creativity and inclusive society, c) Civil Security for Society, d) Digital, Industry and Space, e) Climate, Energy and Mobility, f) Food, Bioeconomy, Natural Resources, Agriculture, and Environment following the structure of Pillar 2 of Horizon Europe and the related keywords/interests are aligned with the current or expected funding opportunities for 2023-2024. In case, you wish a new keyword/interest to be added under a category, then contact us at and we will add it. Then click “Finish”

  • As soon as you have your own keywords, then let the platform do the matching for you or you can browse yourself and check other community members with the keywords you are interested in.
  • Every time you want to login to OpenCosmos Matchmaking platform, you must do it by clicking on the link and after selecting your way to login (Normally by email with the information you added in Step 1), you will be able then to access the OpenCosmosMatchmaking platform Community.

Register to initiate matchmaking