50-50 OpenCosmos External Partnership Programme

OpenCosmos 50-50 External Partnership Programme Fee

For joining us as 50-50 partner, you need to register in our Premium Partnership form and agree on its terms.   

Our 50-50 affiliation/partnership model consists of the following. i.e. 
  1. Your commission will be  50% on the registration fee for any of our clients and you can arrange with us so that you have a smaller commission in case you wish to offer  extra incentives and special offers to your network. E.g. In the case that the annul membership fee is 3000 EUR for SMEs, we can set it up so, in case you decide to have a commission fee of 30% and your members to have the rest (a 20%) as a special discount on the registration fee. In this case, you will generate income of around 900 EUR per purchase and your members will have a discount of around 600 EUR, i.e. paying in total instead of 3000 EUR something around 2400 EUR!
  2. Significant expected income. In any case,  your income is expected to be quite significant. E.g. Assume that just 50 purchases are made  every year from your network  (say around 4 per month) at say 3000 EUR, then your total income with 50% commission will be 75000 EUR with just some persistent and coordinated effort from your side.  It gets even better, since for any subsequent annual membership renewals of your network, you will still get paid automatically without any further actions from your side at 10% on every renewal. 
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