We are looking for partners/affiliates with access to individuals, universities, companies, SMEs, or even associations interested in exploiting successfully and effectively European Funding Programmes such as Horizon Europe via OpenCosmos platform. You can see also here a recorded demo of OpenCosmos different features.  We know from the first experience that there is nothing else that combines in one place top services such as external evaluation of proposals, consultancy on proposal development, matchmaking/partnering based on AI, access to a wide list of top-notch trainings (live and recorded ones), monthly live coaching sessions and access to all funding opportunities in Europe every month.  With a very low price an organisation can become a member and its whole R&D community can have unlimited access to unique and effective services as well as high-quality support in succeeding in Horizon Europe.  Just to get an idea, the University of Girona that is a member of OpenCosmos already for a year, they doubled the number of proposals submitted as well as its success rate that is now close to 20% in Horizon Europe (N.B. The average success rate in HEU as you know is less than 10%).

Based on the above, we believe we see the same high potential in OpenCosmos and as an ambitious individual yourself, we can become partners and grow together the membership of OpenCosmos based on the following steps: 

  1. Step 1: You contact by email (see a template email as guidance that you are free to revise if you wish) each of your contact that should be interested and follow-up if no response positive or negative received
  2. Step 2: For any positive response, you just bring us in contact with and we follow that up. You can send this email to us with cc the prospect contact. As soon as we manage to organise an OC demonstration, then this is Milestone A which confirms your achievement and your payment in case they become members
  3. Step 3: You are free to attend the demonstration or not. Then you follow-up with them to see whether they are interested to join or whether they have second thoughts that we can clarify with them. 
  4. Step 4: As soon as they become members, then milestone B is achieved, i.e. Your payment is processed either based on the the standard or the premium partnership (see below).

We are offering two types of partnership. i.e. A standard one with some commission and limited effort from your side. 

On the other hand, we have the premium partnership that can give you up to 50% commission on  each OpenCosmos annual membership coming from your side.

Please have a look for more details on each of the different types of partnership. 


OpenCosmos Standard Affiliation and Partnership Programme

The Standard partnership model will give you the following fixed commission amounts depending on the type of organisation that joins OpenCosmos via you.

  1. For every University that joins from Milestone A, you will get paid 500 EUR
  2. For every industry organisation or technopark from Milestone A that joins, you will get paid 400 EUR
  3. For every SME (small company) from Milestone A that joins, you will get paid 150 EUR
  4. For every association/public organisation/ not profit organisation/individual from Milestone A, you will get paid 100 EUR.  i.e. that means that in case you wish to purchase the annual membership for yourself (that we strongly recommend you), you will have to pay just 900 EUR.

OpenCosmos Premium Affiliation and Partnership Programme

Why OpenCosmos 50-50 Affiliation and  Partnering Programme is by far the best option to add value to your network and receive significant income

The hand-picked partners/affiliates  in order to join the OpenCosmos premium partnership they just need to show us their commitment in this partnership, by purchasing the annual OC membership at a discounted price according to their type i.e. for individuals at 900 EUR per year (currently 1000 EUR) for associations at 1900 EUR and for companies at 2850 EUR per year (currently 3000 EUR)  and exploit for themselves  and consequently realise the high value of OpenCosmos
Our 50-50 affiliation/partnership model consists of the following. i.e. 
  1. Your commission will be  50% on the registration fee for any of our clients and you can arrange with us so that you have a smaller commission in case you wish to offer  extra incentives and special offers to your network. E.g. In the case that the annul membership fee is 3000 EUR for SMEs, we can set it up so, in case you decide to have a commission fee of 30% and your members to have the rest (a 20%) as a special discount on the registration fee. In this case, you will generate income of around 900 EUR per purchase and your members will have a discount of around 600 EUR, i.e. paying in total instead of 3000 EUR something around 2400 EUR!
  2. Significant expected income. In any case,  your income is expected to be quite significant. E.g. Assume that just 50 purchases are made  every year from your network  (say around 4 per month) at say 3000 EUR, then your total income with 50% commission will be 75000 EUR with just some persistent and coordinated effort from your side.  It gets even better, since for any subsequent annual membership renewals of your network, you will still get paid automatically without any further actions from your side. 
  3. Easy to use affiliation platform. For managing the affiliate partners like you,  we will use the Simplero platform that is quite comprehensive with really unique features such as easy generation of affiliated links, real-time monitoring of the sales made from your network as well as the money that you have collected to be paid. In order to see how the affiliation programme /link works, please check the simplero help page on affiliates.  
The above partnership is based on the network marketing concept that is by far the most effective partnership that exists in the digital world. Check the documentary below "Rise of the Entrepreneur - The search for a better way" if you share the same enthusiasm as we do. We strongly believe that the above collaboration scenario is an excellent opportunity  for adding not only significant income to your clients but also further value to them and we would love to discuss the details further over a zoom meeting.
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OpenCosmos Partnership is based on Network Marketing concept, the most powerful one for fruitful partnerships and leveraging mutual value

Check documentary the "Rise of the Entrepreneur - The search for a better way" that is very instructional but also eye-opening for your future career prospects